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Discover Centre Resource
Lismore Heritage Centre, Co. WaterfordRobert Boyle Quiz [114 KB]Learn about Light, Materials and Shodows [261 KB]Try the circuit puzzle [3.8 MB]
W5, BelfastLearn about Super Structures [49 KB]Investigate Forces and Energy [86 KB]Focus on Light [47 KB]
Castlecomer Discovery Park, Co. KilkennyFossil Fuels and Renewable Energy [609 KB]
Lifetime Lab, Co. CorkDesign a Paddle Boat [389 KB]
Armagh Planetarium, Co. ArmaghInvestigating Gravity [133 KB]
Brigit's Garden, Co. GalwayLearn about surface tension [272 KB]
National Sealife Centre, Co. WicklowUnderstanding density and surface tension [141 KB]
CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory , Co. CorkEarth Speedometer [4.4 MB]How big is the moon [786 KB]
Airfield House and Farm, Co. DublinHow to build a water wheel.[2.1 MB]