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Inclusive Approaches to science

The Special Education Support Service, which aims to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, with particular reference to special educational provision has a range of resources to support inclusive approaches to teaching science, detailed below:

1. Signposts

This section outlines how differing categories of special educational need impact on teaching and learning. It also offers tips for teaching, along with additional resources and references. Categorising the complex and diverse nature of disability in this form is not intended to equate individuals with disability labels. Rather, these categories act as signposts that enable teachers to negotiate the social, psychological and biological factors that affect each individual pupil's learning and unique needs.

2. Primary Guidelines for Students with GLD - SESE Science

These guidelines have been designed by NCCA to enable students with Mild, Moderate and Severe & Profound General Learning Disabilities (GLD) to access SESE as presented in the Primary School Curriculum.

3. Curriculum Access Tool

The Curriculum Access Tool for Students with General Learning Disability (CAT-GLD) is a framework to assist teachers in implementing the curriculum for students with General Learning Disability as outlined in the Guidelines for Teachers of Students with General Learning Disabilities from the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). This tool is now available to all teachers, please note that there is no password required to access the tool.

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