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Gaelscoil Mhachan, An Charraig Dhubh, Co Chorcaigh

Gaelscoil Mhachan

Our school first became involved in the DPSM programme in order to foster and develop an interest in science in our pupils. We were interested in finding a way of creating a child-friendly introduction to the importance of science and an effective way to normalise science for the pupils, to show them that science is an everyday subject, they themselves have prior knowledge and use ‘science’ in their everyday lives. Becoming involved in the awards process was a way to validate the children’s experiences with science and encourage their interest further.

The children seem to enjoy the activities from the Living Things strand in particular the Human Life strand unit. They thoroughly enjoyed the Exercise your Heart, Exploring Lungs and How Much Air Can My Lungs Hold activities. They also enjoyed activities from the materials strand Materials - Dyeing with red cabbage, soap and vinegar. The pupils happily investigated and experimented with acids and alkaline, using an indicator etc.

Top tips for success in AoSME are:

  • Organised whole school planning to develop a set of interesting lessons and to ensure engagement from other classes, parents and relatives.
  • It is important to pick a set of activities that are linked and integrated for each group to ensure deeper understanding of a theme.
  • It is essential to ensure all children are actively engaged in each experiment and are allowed the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the results of the experiments.
  • Keep the experiments and activities relevant to the children’s everyday lives and environments.