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Urbleshanny National School, Scotstown, Co.Monaghan

Our school has always placed an emphasis on Science. We felt that the time was right to widen the curriculum of science in our school to include more chemistry and physics while retaining the strong teaching always received by our pupils in the area of living things. When the Discovery Primary Science award began we were immediately interested as it gave structure and direction to what we were already trying to achieve. The use of recyclable materials and the fun aspect of teaching important scientific principles really appealed to us.

As a result of entering the AoSME we have moved away from textbook teaching. We use an experimental approach when teaching science. We do not have or feel the need to use science books. We find the DPSM lessons and videos most helpful. Personally, I love the Make a Lighthouse and Make an Electric Quiz lessons. When children understand a simple circuit and parallel circuit, these lessons allow their knowledge and imaginations to flow.

We do our own science week activities (again we love the ideas on the science week website) and we also attend science workshops in the locality. We look forward to Engineers Week and enjoy learning about the work of an engineer from different past pupils and parents each year.