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Moneystown national School, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow

The school has been involved with DPSM since it began in 2005. We have 2 teachers on staff trained in DPSM. Through the AOSME the children have developed their scientific and maths skills.

Since first beginning the AOSME I like to use more hands-on and practical, visual activities to develop the skills and content. I also encourage the children to write out the experiment correctly and use labelled diagrams, which is good training for Science in Secondary School.

I like the foam rocket, initially I came across the activity in a summer course, and then the video was posted online in the autumn. It shows the children how everyday materials can create a rocket and of course the results are great too and encourage the children to think outside the box when they are making it, and once completed, to get the best results. The children enjoy the chemistry activities, making slime, making bouncy custard balls. The children like to be involved in messy activities, but these messy activities can also produce something worthwhile.

The pupils benefit from a hands-on and practical list of activities, which build on scientific skills along with numeracy and literacy skills. The children work together and learn with each other for different experiments too. The school has benefited from the programme also; some of our past pupils have gone on to represent their secondary schools at the BT Young Scientist. We believe their interests began in primary school with us.

Top tips for success in achieving an AoSME:

  • One of my top tips would be to stay organised; we try to follow a plan within the school to ensure the different aspects of the programme are completed by different classes.
  • Always have a camera to hand, there are always moments to capture in any science lesson and this is just as important as the written elements.
  • Make sure the activities are suitable and accessible to all the children in the class.