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St Damian's National School, Walkinstown, Dublin 12

St Damian's

Over the years activities such as science fairs mean we engage more in sharing our learning with the whole school. We also undertake more shared activities such as table quizzes during science week, all classes participated in “hour of code” at their own level. We also love the opportunities to attend workshops and have visitors to our school to learn about Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology.

The changes in the awards over the years from Science to Science and Maths and now to STEM fit well with the cross-curriculum nature of the primary curriculum, facilitating the learning of skills which can be used across many subject areas.

I really like the balancing activities from the DPSM website, the children are so surprised by the results and I love the fact that it can be done so easily in the classroom and no resources are needed other than things that are readily available.

Over the years the children have enjoyed loads of the activities. One of their favourite activities seems to be the helicopters and without a doubt they love making their own rockets.

Top tips for success in AoSME are:

  • Have fun and photos are the easiest way of recording achievement