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Robertson N.S., Ballintra, Co. Donegal

St Paul's

Science has always been area of particular interest for us in Robertson. We have always felt that Science is an exciting, vibrant area of the curriculum that offers pupils vast and diverse opportunities for learning. The Discover Primary Science and Maths programme gave us a fantastic opportunity to make Science and Maths work in our school a special area of interest where everyone in school could become involved in working towards a common goal. As the awards have grown and changed over the years, so has our passion for Science! We have become even more enthused and active in our approaches and activities to ensure our school’s continued success in this important area.

Since entering the AoSME our approaches to Science have become much more child centred, practical and hands on. Our pupils have become more involved in the investigations taking place and their suggestions, questions and ideas lead the investigations we engage in. The children have become better at thinking things through, solving problems and reflective as a result. This has led to an enhanced and enriched learning experience for all concerned. A personal favourite for me is the Design a Boat activity. This activity is always a fun activity in my infant classroom as it creates lots of ‘sinking’ problems, which pupils are encouraged to work through and solve resulting in a beautifully floating boat (which we then sink again with ‘pea passengers’!) This activity offers children the chance to be hands on in their learning and ask questions such as ‘why?’ and ‘how?’.