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St. Brendan’s National School Fenit, Co. Kerry

St Paul's

Ms O’Connor tells us: Our approach to science teaching has changed since first entering the AOSME. Science has become a more hands on subject. More emphasis on predicting results and the whole discovery element in experiments – What’s going to happen? What should have happened? Why didn’t that happen? Children are more aware of science at work in their own environment and the importance of maths in science.

My favourite activity from is the Make a Rocket Activity – this activity generates a lot of excitement amongst all classes. The 'not knowing what\’s going to happen' - the element of surprise as to when the rocket will take off has the children hooked from the beginning.

Our favourite activities from the DPSM website are the Design and Make activities. The children really enjoy gathering the materials and equipment needed, working together and assembling the projects and then comparing each other’s and reflecting on their work. There is a great sense of achievement when the finished product is presented. Some of the Design and Make activities completed are Design a Water Pump, Design a Boat, Design a Hovercraft and Make a Rocket.

Participation in the AOSME has always been a whole school undertaking from the beginning. St. Brendan’s N.S. feels that it is just as important to foster an awareness and a love of science and maths in the junior classes as well as middle and senior classes. There is a great sense of pride in the school at the fact that we already have 9 awards and this motivates us to work every year on award. The children have a better awareness that maths and science are very much a part of everyday life. The experiment and information available on the DPSM website make the teaching of science and maths much easier throughout the school.

Top tips for success in AoSME are:

  • Success in AOSME is down to planning. Each class follows a set science theme every month. We have made resource boxes to go with each theme - teachers just grab the box and go. The DPSM website is also an invaluable resource with lesson plans, experiments and integration with maths at all teacher’s fingertips. Spiral Curriculum throughout school as we have a different theme every month.