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Moyderwell Mercy, Moyderwell, Tralee, Co Kerry


The awards give us a goal to strive towards in a structured manner. As the awards have evolved so has our awareness of the importance of integrating the use of technology as part of our school work and to give the children the opportunity to investigate engineering in school and in our locality. We avail of the many interesting events available during Engineers Week and Maths Week in our locality.

The Balloon Rocket activity which demonstrates the power of air pressure proved a great hit this year. Having recorded the distance travelled by our rocket in the classroom, we were curious to try and launch it out the window into the yard. After many attempts and great laughter we finally succeeded and eventually located our rocket in the yard.

Participation in the AoSME has encouraged a whole school approach to the teaching of science and maths. Most importantly it makes children see the relevance of science, technology and maths in the world around them. The hands- on approach allows children to focus on the process and not just the product and above all it engages and motivates them to learn and have fun in the process.

From a teacher’s point of view the criteria involved ensure that individual teachers engage in the science experiments in the classroom.

Down through the years we have invested considerably in science and maths equipment and partaking in the project ensures the use of existing resources which are organised and labelled in different containers making participation easier.

Top tips for success in AoSME are:

  • Plan early to ensure all steps of the programme will be covered.
  • Create a folder on the shared drive for teachers to upload their work as it is completed.
  • Document all outings and visitors to the school which are science related.
  • Maintaining an inventory of resources organised into the different strands in both maths and science for easy access.
  • A sign in /out book is essential to keep track of the resources.