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Scoil Mhuire, Rosslare Rosslare, Co Wexford

Our school got involved to help children develop an interest in science and to realise that science is everywhere in their environment e.g., air, water, engineering , living things etc., Our school participates in the the Green School project and the DPSM programme compliments this perfectly. We have just been awarded our 6th Green Flag.

We used the classroom activity pack as a catalyst to stimulate the pupils interest and get them involved in hands on science experiments. Over the years the pupils have developed scientific skills such as questioning, predicting, observing, measuring and recording. One of our aims is to develop the child's ideas and to encourage them to answer their own questions.

My favourite activity is the Design A Bridge project. It involves investigating and experimenting and can be integrated across the primary curriculum e.g. history, geography and maths. One of the pupil's favourite activities is working with magnets. They enjoy watching and making the Magnetic Car move using the repelling force between the like poles of two magnets.

Some of the field trips that we have been on as part of the programme include:

  • The North Slob, Co. Wexford
  • Mayglass Water Tower, Wexford
  • Holmestown Recycling Centre, Wexford
  • Carnsore Wind Farm, Wexford

Top tips for success in AoSME are:

Our top tips are to use the classroom activity pack as a guideline to getting started. Keep a photographic record of the experiments. Get as many staff as possible involved.