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This year DPSM is partnering with the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) Ireland to offer support in their science and maths teaching to teachers from 50 schools which did not receive a workshop in the 2013/14 academic year.

To participate, invited schools should commit to participating in this development programme for the school year which will consist of -

  • Host a *2 hour CPD workshop for the whole staff in each school term (i.e. 3 x two hour workshops). There must be a minimum of 10 teachers participating. This criterion can be met by partnering with another school(s).
  • Teachers should be prepared to apply what they are learning from each session and report back at subsequent CPD workshops.
  • The school must participate in the Awards of Science & Maths Excellence. A brochure outlining how they work was provided in the initial pack you received regarding this initiative.
  • Teachers will be asked to provide feedback and may be asked to participate in focus groups as part of our ongoing evaluation process.
  • The school should commit to achieving the overall objectives of the programme.

NB: Please ensure that only one person from your school takes responsibility for the registration process.

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