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Space Week, 3rd - 8th October 2016

Space Week

Our Planet, Our Space, Our Time

Space Week is a new national STEM week which is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and ESERO Ireland. Space Week which will run in Ireland from 3 rd to 9 th October in parallel with World Space Week.

Space Week participation will enable all people to explore how as 21st century citizens ‘under one sky’ we can use the power of critical thinking, science and technology to shape our understanding of life on Earth and address global challenges with partnerships for education, peace and social good.

Space Week will be coordinated by CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory (CIT BCO) who along with regional partners will organise events, roadshows, workshops, stargazing and other activities to take place nationwide. Get involved by hosting your own events and registering them on and receive Space Week goodies for your class! All event organisers will receive support from CIT BCO; merchandise and promotional materials will be provided for all registered events.

Download the Space Week Resources

The resources below are based on two different themes and each theme includes a variety of activities, with suggested class levels and a DPSM/ESERO Framework for inquiry overview.

1. Sizes and Scales in the Solar System: how big is big and how do all those planets fit into the solar system?

2. Mars: the Red Planet: could we ever live on Mars?  Is there life there now?

Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Award

Space Week isn’t just a great opportunity for primary school students and teachers to learn more about our Universe, as running or attending a Space Week event also counts towards the criteria for the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Award.