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Teaching Through Inquiry

DPSM/ESERO, in collaboration with teachers and science educators, have developed the following resources to support teaching science through inquiry in the Primary Classroom.

DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry

The DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry has been developed by DPSM facilitators & teachers working with science education specialists and is designed to be used in the planning and teaching of a topic, or theme, on the SESE Science curriculum. The DPSM/ESERO Framework for Inquiry is designed to bring you through the inquiry based teaching and learning process as you plan and teach a particular topic or theme

Here is an introduction to the framework, a copy including tips on completing and a blank copy for use in planning out your chosen topic or theme:

Here are samples of completed frameworks:

DPSM Classroom Activity Teacher Planning Guide

There are over 100 classroom activities designed to support the teaching of Science and Maths available to download (in Irish and English) in the classroom activities section.

The Classroom Activity Teacher Planning Guide sets out the DPSM activities in a guide to facilitate both teacher and school planning for Science teaching. Use the guide to identify at a glance activities which are:

  • suitable for different class levels
  • specific strands and strand units of the SESE Science/Maths curriculum to which the activities relate
  • learning objectives
  • opportunities for applying the skills of ‘working scientifically’ and ‘designing and making’.

Pick the section relevant to the class level you are teaching. Browse the curriculum links and learning objectives to find the activities that best suit your requirements.

STEM Reflection Posters

Looking Back

Poster: Looking Back

Looking Forward

Poster: Looking Forward









It is important that students reflect on their learning - looking back on what has happened and looking forward to the possible extensions, applications, etc. of their learning. This is part of the process of the students taking some responsibility for their learning. These STEM Reflection Posters provide useful sentence starters for pupils as they look back on what they have learned and look forward to how can build on what they have learned.

New Words Posters

New Words

Poster: New Words








Why not focus on literacy while teaching your science class. Many teachers who have attended our CPD workshops have asked for our New Words Poster to be put on our website. Feel free to use it to collect and reflect on new words during class.